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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Water Evaporation in a Hot Tub


How much water evaporation is normal per week? I am adding an inch or two to my tub every week...


Depending upon the weather, the frequency of use, and the amount of time you spend in your hot tub, 1 – 2 inches per week can be considered normal evaporation.

Water evaporation is related to temperature, and spa water is heated to 100 degrees plus, so that can be part of the reason - warm water evaporates faster than cold water.

The spa will also lose water faster depending on the number of people in it, as the water that is absorbed in the bathing suits, hair, and skin of each user will also contribute to water loss.

One other factor is the time of year. If the air is "dry," as it is in winter months, the water will evaporate much faster than if the air is very humid.

If still think you are losing too much water, open the cabinet and do a visual inspection of your hot tub’s plumbing (full-foam spas will be harder to diagnose, so you might have to look for a puddle). Check all of your plumbing connections by making sure they are snug - sometime they loosen or a seal might have worn out.

If you do find a leak and cannot stop it by hand-tightening the connection yourself, call your manufacturer for service. Remember to be careful if you decide to use tools, since many components are made of plastic that can be broken when too much force is used. Then, you’ll really get to see the water level drop rapidly…

Happy Holidays to all, and I hope you get to have fun in your Hot Tub!


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