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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How old should a child be to use a hot tub?


"How old should a child be before going in a hot tub and what about bromine and children?"


OK - I'll try not to make any jokes about this question this time around...

It would be best to ask your child's doctor or pediatrician if your child is old enough before listening to my advice. As for bromine and children? Again, you should check with your child's pediatrician, who should know if your child has any allergies that may be aggravated by the bromine (or any other chemicals that you may use in the hot tub's water).

Also, children can be much less tolerant of higher temperatures than adults, so you may want to start them out at a lower temperature in the hot tub than you are used to. Stay with them in the hot tub at all times, and be sure to take them out if they start to look red like a lobster.

And, don't ever let a child use a hot tub unsupervised! Remember to keep the hot tub cover closed and locked when you are not around to directly supervise.

So, check first with your doctor, and then enjoy your hot tub!



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